Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Lazy Sundays

It's freezing but I thought it would be nice to take a stroll in the park after lunch. I've been digging out all my large comfy cardigans and wraps in preparation for winter. But with the new pieces I've bought recently, I've hardly got any space left to store them as they are so bulky.

Napoleon aka Naps, my beloved fur ball, has also destroyed one of my storage containers by sitting on the cover. He's made a hole in one of them! Well it's not entirely his fault (poor thing). Years of exposure to the sunshine just might have been the catalyst.

I've never really shopped at Asos until recently. The site is pretty slick and they have some very cool  pieces on offer. So they got me hook line and sinker and I'm converted now. I picked up this cardi/wrap and geometric leggings recently and love it!

That said, the leggings aren't as tight as I thought they would be. After a few outings, they started to loosen up around the knee area a lot. I'm pretty sure it's not meant to do this. Has anyone got one and had the same problem??

Spread for lunch

The guilty one

Cardi/Warp: Asos
Leggings: Asos
Boots: Vintage
Bag: Bel Air
Belt: Vintage


  1. The print on the cardigan is awesome!! What a beeeautiful cat too!

  2. Fierce bag, love it!

  3. I'm not really a fashion person, but love photos and love the blog ;)

    Where was lunch?

  4. Thanks! Alimentari in QP, good for brunch. We have to go next time you pop over..


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