Saturday, 27 November 2010

Taking a break

This week has been so busy with new projects coming on board, whilst also keeping on top of my wedding to-do-list, like designing the invites. The wedding is split into two parts, one in Kuala Lumpur and the other on a beach up north. So that means double of everything - the hair, make-up, photographers, get the picture. I've definitely got my work cut out for me.

I know, you're thinking two weddings in the same country - why the hell?? That's what I thought too but realised the slow and painful way (through mum) it wasn't easy for my 70 year old aunts, uncles, grandparents to travel, hop and skip to to some island in the middle of nowhere, as beautiful as that sounds. 

Anyway somewhere alongside all that, I thought it was a good idea to start a blog, Twitter, Facebook and another blog! Biting of too much than I can chew??

So Paul and I decided to take a break from our computers and go out to dinner like normal people. It's the start of the deep freeze so I decided to wear my thickest coat.  I still couldn't feel my toes!

This coat has been quite a surprise. I bought it ten years ago and at some point got bored of it. It's now one of my most treasured piece. Which makes throwing anything out much harder as it just might be in fashion next year!

One of the many quirky pictures at the restaurant.

Coat: Thrifted vintage
T-shirt: Vanessa da Silva
Cardigan: Asos
Leather trousers: Topshop

Bag: Vintage
Shoes: Vintage


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