Sunday, 5 December 2010

Cat walking

It's been a busy week now that the festive season is in full swing. I've been out most days and haven't had much time to blog. Making up for lost time now!

Since my last entry, we've had a couple of snowy days. London is so beautiful when it snows, shame it just turns into ice the next day (my poor sore bum). That's when the impractical foot wear has to be put aside!

Poor Naps has been holed in the house for a few days so I decided to take him out for a walk. We do get a lot of people coming over to say hello as I suppose it's strange seeing a cat on a leash. But he loves it and it keeps him safe from the traffic.

He loves a good stroke, sleep, food and a cuddle. If only life was that simple!

Coat: Ted Baker
Faux Fur: H&M
Cardigan: DKNY
Dress: Reiss
Tights: Falke
Shoes: Bally

1 comment:

  1. your cat is so cute, it that a British Blue?

    love your outfit, the colour of your coat really stands out.


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