Sunday, 12 December 2010

Shower me please!

I'm writing this from bed, having had a bad case of flu for the past few days. Looks like half of London has come down with it as well...urgh! There's a whole week of drinking and eating coming up and I'm taking my vitamins, ginger tea and chicken soup in hopes that I'll be 90% ready for it (100% would be just too optimistic)!

Last week before this blasted illness took hold of me, I attended a friend's baby shower. There were cakes, champagne, canapes and more bubbly going around. I took a liking to these Alice in Wonderland themed masks scattered around especially the Cheshire cat...wonder why? :)

The best part of these parties are the gifts the expectant mum gets! Amongst her gifts was this lovely Anya Hindmarch Oakley bag. It comes with a separate changing mat, diaper bag and lots of little compartments. Good enough to use as a baby bag or otherwise.

Now she can go out carrying one stylish bag - hers and baby's things, instead of two. Which I can say having been around a few mums, it's a struggle leaving the house with just the minimum.

That aside, I did have someone ask me if the bag matches the pram. What??! With a bag like this...who cares!


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