Thursday, 2 June 2011

Cinemagraphs - Future of Fashion?

I stumbled upon New York City-based fashion photographer Jamie Beck's website and was blown away by her 'photos that moved'. They do look a little creepy at first but once you get over that, then comes the wow factor. 

Cinemagraphs are more than a photo, but not quite a video. Which are essentially animated GIFs in which only part of the scene moves.

These examples was created via a collaboration between photographer Jamie Beck and web designer Kevin Burg. This interview doesn't provide any insight into what techniques they used to create this specific image, but I found a few useful tutorials from Fernando J Baez and Christopher Mathew Burt.

Making an animated GIF in Photoshop is quite simple although it takes a lot of time and patience. The key is in choosing the right source image, good masking and smooth frames.

The downside to cinemagraphs is that they yield very large files.  So it might be impractical for inclusion in the typical website design, although there are still ways to optimized the files to reduce them further.
Of course the technology to create GIF’s has been around for decades but I'm very excited about it as I believe its potential for both expression and impact, within the fashion world especially, has yet to be fully explored.  Who knows, in this world of rising social media, sophisticated GIFs might be the future of fashion photography.

I can't wait to explore this technique in some of my work soon and see where it takes me. So watch this space!


  1. haha that's really cool! Almost like Harry Potter!

  2. Fabulous! Why hasn't it been done before?????

  3. @Kourtney Leanne

    I've had a few people saying it's like Harry Potter! How?? Sorry but I haven't been to in touch with the whole Harry Potter mania. :)

  4. Here's my contribution to this new and exciting technique! &


    Steve Marsel


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