Friday, 3 June 2011

Two Greedy Italians and some Funghi

Two Greedy Italians a four part series, have been on TV for the past couple of weeks and I got seriously hooked. I'm not massively into all cooking programmes but this one stood out because of Antonio Carluccio and Gennaro Contaldo's great
on-screen chemistry. They are hilariously funny and make a great double act.

The pair drive though their homeland, waxing nostalgic about the gourmet pleasures to be had. Walking through vineyards, orchards, food stalls and eating their way throughout Italy from North to South. What makes this not just another cookery show are the life stories mixed with regrets and social observation, which makes this show more like an edible autobiography.

I have shed a tear or two watching this show - crazy but true. I mean it's just a cooking programme but it is hard not to envy the sheer joy that sharing food with everyone clearly brought them.

It didn't take long for me to buy the book. Got it on a discount at work too, perks of the job. The first dish I tried was the Tagliatelle Al Vino Bianco Con Funghi. Nice, simple and nothing too complicated to try after work one evening. Who really wants to slave over the stove for 4 hours on a Monday night?

Improvised with some shitake and oyster mushrooms.

This was the result and we ate it all! Yummms...

If you have a chance, watch it. For those in the UK you'll find it here. I guarantee you'll be drooling throughout the show if you aren't laughing so hard...ciao!


  1. wow! I love cooking! and it looks like you do to! looks so yummy, great job! Sounds like a really interesting book! Can't wait to see more recipes!

  2. That pasta looks sooo yummy! Great job!

    I used to absolutely love watching Food Network. I should definitely cook more!

  3. @LoveMakesTheGirl

    Thanks! I love trying out new recipes. Are the Two Greedy Italians showing in the U.S?


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